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Investing In Wysdom Despite the challenges thrown at all of us by the pandemic coupled with what has seemed like an endless succession of diktats from the NHS requiring major updates to our existing legacy Practice Management System software causing delay after delay, our all-new CloudPlus system is now out for Beta test and training at exisiting customers before their full upgrade. CloudPlus is a hybrid system, held both on an on-site server and in the Cloud. It has been created, developed and built by our Wysdom team and is the World’s first, truly synchronised SME system. We have every confidence in building the core dental business back to being a successful and profitable company however, although designed for dental, the potential of the underlying synchronisation technology to be utilised in other industries is huge. But in order for that potential to begin to be realised, we need some investment. We’ve already had approaches by other businesses keen to get some CloudPlus action but we’re not ready to hand over our precious baby and the whole company just yet. This has always been a team effort and we all want to see just where we can take it. That, of course, takes money and although we’ve been fortunate to have been able to be largely self-funding to this point, COVID has punched a sizeable hole in our ability to continue doing that. Therefore, we have decided to offer an investment opportunity for up to 20% of the company. Here are some documents and a video that give you a good idea of what we are up to and looking to achieve over the next few years. We also have a list of new customers keen to come onboard too so things will move forward quickly from there and the Corporate Groups are of course particularly interested in our 24/7 solution - time is money after all. Lastly we should mention the underlying software/hardware tech that gives CloudPlus its unique synchronisation functionality. This will be used to create a development platform for other software providers who want the 24/7 benefits for their customers too. There’s a lot of legacy software still being used and our platform - branded SyncTech - will accelerate development by months or even years. The potential is substantial and we also have the military showing interest. See the SyncTech presentation below for how it works and what it could mean to the bottom line. Wysdom Investment Introduction Video… Business Plan One-Pager… Click Here Dental Business Plan… Click Here SyncTech Software Development Platform Presentation… Click Here Product Brochures for info' Any questions or to find out more contact me, Glenn Wynsor MD or call me on 07864 704114
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